Save time, money, and worry so you can...

Get Back to
What You Love

with Professional Bookkeeping Services from Kenai Mountains Bookkeeping

Are you an Alaskan business owner who loves what you do and would rather be doing what you love than dealing with your bookkeeping?

Alaskans are different and so is how we do business. You want to partner with a bookkeeper who will:
  • Help make your hard work go as far as possible, so you have more time and money for playing hard in the last frontier.
  • Understand the “only in Alaska” challenges you face.
  • Understand what makes you and your business unique.
  • Treat your business and its books with the importance they deserve.
  • Be vigilant and professional in regularly reviewing and discussing your financial reports with you so you are armed with a clear understanding of how you’re doing with your money.
  • Partner with you to improve processes and build strategies to help you meet your financial goals.
  • Help you get back to what you love!


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Accounting Software Set Up or Migration

  • Accounting software can save you time, provide accurate reports, streamline your processes, and be customized to your unique business needs. 
  • Having a professional bookkeeper set up or migrate your books starts you off on the right foot for financial reporting success. 
  • I work exclusively in QuickBooks Online (QBO) for their security standards, versatility, and the freedom this remote service provides business owners. 
  • Set Up Services are for businesses who do not currently have accounting software.
  • Migration Services transfer a business’s existing books from QuickBooks Desktop, Xero, or other accounting software to QBO.
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Monthly, Quarterly, or Seasonal Bookkeeping

  • Monthly Services are for you if you have no time (or desire) to do bookkeeping yourself, and you want insight on your money in and money out so you can make adjustments and grow your profits.
  • Quarterly Services are for you if you’re not quite ready for monthly services, also don’t want to do the bookkeeping yourself, and are willing to keep transaction records organized until someone can enter and reconcile them in QBO.
  • Seasonal Services are for you if you have a seasonal business and want monthly bookkeeping services during the months you operate, but don’t need services during the off season.
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Catch-up or Cleanup Services

  • Work closely with a bookkeeping professional to get your business’s books on the right track.
  • Catch-up Services are for you if your bookkeeping hasn’t been kept up with for the year and you’re ready to get caught up, or you created a QBO account and tried to DIY but stopped because you’d rather play it safe with a professional bookkeeper.
  • Cleanup Services are for you if your bookkeeping has gotten messy and you’re ready to send out an S.O.S. or your tax preparer suggested your business get some help with the books.

All services are customized to fit your unique business needs. 
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Brekke Hewitt

Certified Professional Bookkeeper

Kenai Mountains Bookkeeping was built around my passion for Alaska and for independently owned business. I love helping people build a life that allows them to focus on both professional and personal goals. After all, we don’t live in our great state to spend our lives in the office! 

As a small business owner for over 10 years, I know firsthand the work that goes into building a thriving business, the pitfalls of trying to wear all the hats, and how difficult and stressful it can be to address the many financial challenges of doing business. While I delight in keeping the books organized and “crunching” numbers, I appreciate that many entrepreneurs do not! I am committed to my client’s success through providing timely services customized to your needs and focused on your goals. I partner with clients that want a better understanding of their money and who value the power this gives them to get back to what they love.


Based out of Soldotna, Alaska, I serve local and statewide clients through my remote professional bookkeeping services. Providing my services virtually ensures I can serve Alaskans wherever their business takes them and still make time for what I love; my wonderful family (including furry family members) and trekking throughout our amazing state!